Next Generation Sequencing

We offer a broad range of NGS methods for Illumina sequencing platform. We are able to generate not only standard libraries, but also customized libraries to suit your needs.

Small RNA

Our founder generated one of the first small RNA sequencing libraries in the field back in 2007. Since then, he has been continuously working to improve the cloning strategies. We use small RNA-Seq to profile not only endogenous small RNAs such as microRNAs and piRNAs, but also for quality control of synthesized RNA such as siRNA and sgRNA used in RNA interference and CRISPR.


We have rich experiences using RNA sequencing for differential expression analysis, de novo and reference-guided transcriptome assembly. We utilize the best practices in the field such as Unique Molecular Identifie (UMI) to reduce the PCR amplification bias to provide more accurate quantification of genes and isoforms. Our team also have experience with different variations of RNA-Seq methods such as GRO-, CAGE-, and PAS-Seq.

Genomic DNA Sequencing

We use genomic DNA sequencing to assemble genomes from plasmid and virus to mouse and human. We also have rich experiences using genome sequencing to locate integrations of transgene, transposon, and virus in the host genome.

ChIP Sequencing

ChIP-Seq can be tricky. Our team has many years of experiences with a wid range of ChIP-Seq, such as PolII, H3K4me2/3, H3K9me2/3, et al.